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Noel GregoryNoel with his image of where he lives now in Bedar,AlmeriaSpain.

Oil on Canvas 200m x 100m 


Born in Ealing in 1944 I first thought of making a living by following my father into the joinery business by taking a furniture design course at High Wycombe Further Education College in the 1960s. After a year I decided to change to the art school in the same building, probably because of the amount of girls there. It was of course much more than that, for the passion for art had begun to grow through my early drawing and a summer bursary of a David Murray Art Scholarship from the Royal Academy. I enjoyed this time greatly and was lucky enough to have great tuition from the lecturers and talented students. Another plus at the art school was that my long time beautiful girl friend and fellow student Veronica later became the star of three Hammer Horror Films under the name Veronica Carlson so the years of study seemed to be over very quickly. After these four years working for the National Diploma on Design, I attended the Bournemouth Art Teachers Diploma course in 1966. 

Although never going straight into a teaching job in an ordinary school I did however teach adult education in Marlow, Penn Street and Beaconsfield for many years, the experience of which I greatly enjoyed. Teaching painting part time in Newlands Park Teacher Training College and starting the art department in Caldicott School in Farnham Royal, gave me the finance to start my own art gallery in Farnham Common, specializing in Victorian water colours. 

It was not until the late eighties when the market for antiques, or anything for that matter, left the gallery with little to sell and in order to stay in business I started painting again and selling my own limited addition printed images.   I also enjoyed selling these images at Art Fairs, The Ideal Home Exhibitions and Hampton Court Flower shows and considerable success in art fairs called The Sunshine Trail in Florida, going from one juried show to another with your own small marquee and display units to sell in the major towns was the best way of mixing with some of the greatest artists America has to offer. 

It was at one of the English shows that SEARCH PRESS approached me to write a book on oil painting and my first book PAINTING IN OILS became a best seller for an oil instruction book and is now reproduced in fifteen languages. I am now engaged in my eighth book for the company.

My other great passion is for my marine shell collection and after 60 years I have amassed a huge collection by diving and beach finds around the world.  

I now live for half of the year in a beautiful part of Southern Spain called Bedar, Almeria with my partner Sue and enjoying the perfect climate here, painting, teaching and shell collecting.

This is the first opportunity to display and sell so many of my images as originals and prints, Landscapes, Abstracts, Portraits, Still Life, Animals and all my illustrations for Search Press Books including Monet, Renoir and Turner. 

I hope you will pay me a visit, especially my friends and customers I so valued in Farnham Common all those years ago.