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Books by Noel Gregory


  • Publisher: Search Press, Limited
  • Publication date: 3/10/2010
  • Series: Ready to Paint the Masters
  • Pages: 88
  • Sales rank: 1,013,580
  • Product dimensions: 8.40 (w) x 11.40 (h) x 0.30 (d)



Capturing the movement and lyricism of Claude Monet’s most celebrated works, artists of all skill levels will eagerly approach this step-by-step study of the impressionist master. This close chronicle of the artist’s technique will train beginning and intermediate hands in mimicking Monet's composition, the ways of gestural brushstrokes, color selection, and subjective interpretation. Including a range of Monet’s most celebrated subjects—such as poppy fields, water lilies, and the Grand Canal in Venice—six tracing papers make getting started quick and easy. With additional guidance on determining the fundamental shapes within each study, novices can share in the infectious enthusiasm Monet poured into his own masterworks. Two original artworks that borrow the basic concepts of impressionism are included as well, offering direction to newly inspired students as they take their easels out of the studio and into the streets and fields to capture the world as they see it—just like Monet.